Scheduled Ayurveda Training Program

Importance of Ayurveda

Considered to be the oldest supreme healing science in the world, Ayurvedic Treatment Process is practiced extensively for over 5000 years. This curative technique is passing on from generations to generations through old masters to their followers. Through our experience it is obvious that the Ayurveda is the best way to preserve health and also to cure various diseases absolutely without harmful effects.

Due to these facts, foreigners visiting Sri Lanka have also greatly admire and been compelled to take Ayurveda medicinal treatments at Ayurvedic Health centers. Within past few decades it was well visible, that specially the Westerners and Japanese tourists and entrepreneurs are been keeping much confidence on Ayurveda and have been trend not only in taking Ayurvedic treatments, but also to acquire knowledge of this remarkable phenomenon in order to promote this valuable natural healing system by establishing such ventures in their countries too.

So to fulfill their desires and to make well aware the benefits of Ayurveda, we conduct Ayurveda Herbal Treatment Training Courses for foreigners.

Training Course Details

  1. Seven (07) days Ayurveda Herbal Treatment Training Course Includes
  • Head Massage Treatment Therapy
  • Face Massage Treatment Therapy
  • Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage Treatment Therapy
  • Foot Massage

Course Fee – 07 Days Program 1,033 USD 

Fourteen (14) days Ayurveda Herbal Treatment Training Course

    • Head Massage Treatment Therapy
    •  Face Massage Treatment Therapy
    •  Body Massage Treatment Therapy
    •  Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage Treatment Therapy
    • Pindasweda (Fomentation)
    • Sheerodhara Treatment
    • Special Facial Packages
    • Yoga Exercise Course Programs
    • Meditation Programs

Course Fee – 14 Days Program  2,066USD

The Charges include for;

  • Transport facilities from Colombo International Airport to Kandy and back to Airport.
  • Food & Accommodation Facilities
  • Transport facilities within Kandy City Limits.
  • Training period of time limited up to 05 to 06 Hrs. a day starting from 09 .00 am. onwards (Theory, Practice and essential Notes are provided)
  • In order to reduce tension, to relax and to gain experience Head Massage, Face Massage, Body Massage and Steam & Herbal Sauna treatments will be given to Trainees during their training period.
  • The Training Course Programs are conducted in English language.
  • Wi-fi Facilities
  • The courses are conducted by qualified Therapists and under the supervision of Ayurvedic Doctors.
  • One-day Tour Program is entitled only for 14 Day Program Trainees.
  • The certificates are been awarded to the Trainees on the successful completion of Theory and Practical tests conducted by the Institute.

For more information refer our Website: greenchayaspa.com